Who Are We?

We are a small team of people passionate about getting Canadians giving. We’re champions of charity for charity’s sake. We’ve got no agenda to push, no cause to sell you and no motive beyond getting Canadians to be engaged and intentional about their giving.

Sarah Shandl is leading this campaign because she wants to encourage people to make a difference with how they spend their money. She is a blogger, a project co-ordinator for an events management company and a music enthusiast.

Jeff Golby is helping facilitate this because he loves to see how big ideas can be boiled down to relevant action items. He works as an Operations Director at the Charitable Impact Foundation, volunteers as a camp director and loves a perfect cup of coffee.

For One Percent inquiries contact: sarah@oneyearonepercent.com

Make the Challenge Easier with Chimp.
We partnered with the Chimp because they had the perfect, cause-neutral tool to help us get Canadians giving. Have a look around the Chimp website to learn more, but here are the basics:

Chimp is kind of like a bank account for Charity. You put money in a Chimp Fund (whenever you have it, feel generous or through automated donations into your account), and from there you can give it to any charity in Canada.

Among charity sector types, Chimp is called a donor-advised fund. That is, they’re a platform created to manage charitable donations on behalf of an individual, group or organization.

There are lots of ways Chimp makes being charitable more easy: you can set regular automatic donations to your fund (like 1%!), get a single tax report for all giving; stay off mailing lists through anonymous giving; and even empower friends and family to be charitable by “chimping” them money to give away to charities they choose.

Chimp is run by a charitable, experienced lot; some have worked at Apple, Electronic Arts, Sony, MySpace, ESPN, RBC, FOXSports, IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. They’re also advised by the best charity lawyers and strategists in Canada.