Dog’s Grooming

There are some very simple techniques to make him accept grooming. It must be done by desensitizing. But how to do it? First of all, it must be borne in mind that this will not come overnight, proceed in small steps, and know how to be patient.

Dog hates entering the bathroom because he remembers that last time was to make him take a bath. It must, therefore, be used to this place.

When he gets used to getting into the tub for his meals, this is where you can begin to desensitize him to the water. First, run a small trickle of water in front of him while he is eating.

Encourage him with sweet words and caresses. Only allow it to come out of the bath at your signal.

Watch his reaction to the shower. If you see that you can go further, increase the flow of water.

But most dogs will rebel at the trickle of water and it will take him to take this step in several days.

For financial reasons, it is tempting to groom your dog at home, especially to make him bathe and cut his claws. But sometimes, it is necessary to resort to a grooming institute for dogs, if only to make the doggie more pleasant.

It is true that it depends on the breeds, one will take more to the groomer a poodle or a Yorkie than a hunting dog for example.

The advantage of dog grooming in the institute is that the groomer will take care of the hygiene of the animal and its overall appearance. Regarding the coat, the groomer will make sure to restore a shiny coat.

He detangles it (detangling can take hours), washing it with a specialized shampoo, drying and brushing you dog. Then he cuts his claws. The groomer can brush the dog’s teeth put a product in his mouth for him to have a better breath.

The ears are cleaned and the unwanted hair removed. In the eyes, the groomer applies a special product that maintains the eye contour. The groomer can also revamp your pet, according to the wish you make him.

In short, it offers you a whole range of treatments that you could not lavish yourself on your doggie at home.

The grooming of the dog is essential in the life of your pet. If only to untangle the hair and maintain it. If you do not do it at home, it is recommended to take your dog at least once a year and do the total, care of the hair, claws, teeth.

Thus, you will have the pleasure of having a dog with good hygiene and a good appearance.