How To Be More Productive

A multitude of tasks to do, long hours, and so few hours of rest! Results: You’re tired, you feel that your work never ends and you’re stressed.

Yet some people, with the same workload, however, manage to do everything in the day, go home soon and lead a perfectly balanced life. How are they doing? Do they have special knowledge?

The solution ? Improve your efficiency at work and you will have a better quality of life. Yes but how ? I’m overwhelmed, I have no time to do, the days are too short … Being efficient and productive requires a certain rigor, discipline and organization.

Here are my 7 tips to improve your work productivity without stress.

Sort, organize, store
It’s basic, but to be effective at work, a tidy and organized office is the first step to implement. When your boss or colleague asks you a file, document or information you need to respond immediately.

To do this, sort everything on your desktop and in your cabinets, file documents in binders, folders, wallets, hanging folders. This also applies to your computer as more and more records are on computer and if it’s a mess in your documents, you will lose time searching  for your files.

Spending time to pack now will save time later and avoid unnecessary stress.

Classify your tasks
List and classify what you have to do in terms of its importance and its urgency.

Try to put them in the following categories:
– Important and urgent: to deal with first
– semi important and urgent: can be delegated to someone
– important but not urgent: to do after urgent and important things
– not significant and little urgency: to delegate or do last

Organize your work
Your office is tidy, you have classified your tasks, now you have to organize your days allowing you flexibility for last minute emergencies.

Plan your tasks for the week or the month. You will have a clear mind and be more productive.

Take breaks in your day
How! I work over the head and I have to take breaks !!

A break is part of any job. This is necessary because a short break allows your brain to regenerate, recharge the batteries, to create a sense of wellbeing to work better later.

During your break, do not read your emails! Take this opportunity to:

stretch, yawn,
take a deep breath,
stay hydrated: drink water, coffee or tea,
eat an apple, a piece of chocolate,
if you can, go outside you ventilate, otherwise move, walk down the hall,
Ridge a lunch break! Take time to eat and make a balanced meal. If you can: try out or take a nap.

These are principles that may seem basic but require discipline because it is very easy to say no, I have too much work, I can not pause and eventually, you will not be productive you will be more stressed and on track to burn out!

Say “no”
A key principle in work efficiency: you can not accept more work than you can actually perform. You must be aware of your limits and say no!

If you follow these tips success will follow!